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The Lessor and the Lessee have agreed the following :
  The Lessor rents to the Lessee who agrees, for a short and temporary renting out of furnished accommodation as follows :
Address :
Type of accommodation : apartmentArea :      m²Number of rooms : 
Validity period from :toNumber of nights :
Rental price for the period (all taxes included)
TOTALRental fee  Included  Not included
Paid directlyto :
To pay to TALPAC
Sleeping accommodations is for people maximum

  The furnished apartment includes beds, tables, chairs and all necessary sittings as described in the attached inventory and also, sheets, towels, cleaning products.

  This rental agreement is for temporary holiday renting only. The rooms cannot be used as a main or secondary residence. The Lessee is not authorized to carry out any commercial activity, nor craft Industry or any professional work in the said premises.

  The rental period ends at the expiry of the term as fixed above, without need for any notice to quit.

  On receipt of the keys, the Lessee shall pay to the Lessor the entire rental price as fixed above.

  The Lessee undertakes:
-  to occupy that flat only for holiday accommodation,
-  to do nothing (personally, or his family or acquaintances) to disturb the neighbourhood,
-  to store no other pieces of furniture except linen or minors items,
-  not to alter or move any furniture or sittings,
-  not to keep any animal without the Lessor's permission,
-  in case of necessity during the rental period, to allow repairs to be done to the apartment,
-  when leaving the apartment, to leave everything in good order,
-  inform the Lessor immediately, if there is any damage or defacement during the rental of the rooms.

  The Lessor undertakes :
-  to make available the rented apartment in good condition to live in and with all the above-mentioned equipment,
-  to ensure the Lessee that the apartment has no structural fault,
-  to ensure that the Lessee has free occupation of the said premises,
-  to maintain the said premises in accordance with the authorised usage.

  Any litigation arising out of this agreement shall be submitted to the competent Tribunal of Paris and interpreted according the French Law.
  For your security, each key set is made of an electronic card and a traditional key for a 3 locking points security lock working with a master key as well. If you loose it, it costs 500,00 € to remove and program a new electronic key and to order and change the lock barrel of the apartment door.

This agreement is signed in 4 original copies, of which 2 in French and 2 in English. In case of differences in interpretation, the French text shall be deemed legally binding.

PARIS on the


  Once the booking has been confirmed, we only accept written cancellation made by e-mail or fax from the person who made the reservation

  Of course, we cannot be responsible for bad weather, illness, professional moves, change or delay in travel plans and have to demand a partial compensation for the booking we should have done and shall not do

We prefer to ask for a mild compensation but in case of "no show" we shall debit the cancellation fee from your credit card according to the maximum price list below whatever the number of apartments booked would be :

 Booking for less than 3 weeks
- Cancellation more then 30 days prior to arrival :
30,00 €
- Cancellation 29 to 15 days prior to arrival :
30 % of the whole stay
- Cancellation 14 to 5 days prior to arrival :
50 % of the whole stay
- No show or cancellation 4 days prior to arrival :
100 % of the whole stay

 Booking for more than 3 weeks
- Cancellation more then 30 days prior to arrival :
30 % of the whole stay
- Cancellation 29 to 8 days prior to arrival :
50 % of the whole stay
- No show or cancellation 7 days prior to arrival :
100 % of the whole stay

 Reducing the number of nights is treated like a cancellation demand.
 Reducing the number of guests does not affect the price.

 Cancellation during the stay is not possible during the first month
- After one month a two-weeks notice delay applies.
To avoid this trouble, take a cancellation insurance

  In case water or other damages, unscheduled building works not of our own or other reasons would make the apartment not longer available, we would attempt to re-accommodate our guests in our equivalent accommodations. If it not possible, we shall issue a toal refund but will not be responsible for any extra costs the client bears over the original price.


  Check-in starts at 14h00 and finishes at 01h00
No check-in between 01h00 and 08h00
-  arrival between 21h00 and 24h00 are charged
30,00 € extra fee
-  arrival between 24h00 and 01h00 are charged
50,00 € extra fee
-  arrival on Sunday or French closed days are charged
50,00 € extra fee

  Check-out finishes at 11h00

  According to the planning, earlier check-in, later check-out or luggage deposit may be made but only
on previous arrangement with the landlady

  There is no desk service or concierge like in hotels
The landlady does not live in the building and may welcome other people in Paris
After one hour waiting over the agreed arrival time and without early previous
warning on a change, she leaves.
When coming back, she will ask a partial compensation of
30,00 €
To avoid any misunderstanding have and give us your mobile phone number

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